Sew Steady Cabinet Insert


Create your dream sewing workspace with a custom cut insert to fit your cabinet. Sewing on a flush cabinet surface makes sewing feel great. Sew Steady inserts are made from high quality acrylic.


Sew Steady Cabinet Insets & Inserts are designed to fit your specific make and model of sewing machine and cabinet and fills gaps around your sewing area, allowing you to work more efficiently and comfortably. Like Sew Steady tables, they are made with one of the highest grades of acrylic, and are made to order to fit both your machine and cabinet.

Please choose your general size of insert using the drop down.  The actual size of opening in the cabinet is needed to complete your order. Note: the lift which raises and lowers the machine may be a different size than the opening the Insert is designed to fill.

  • Small Insert: length + width of cabinet opening = less than 29″
  • Medium Insert: length + width of cabinet opening = 29″ – 35″
  • Large Insert: length + width of cabinet opening = 35″ – 41″
  • Extra Large Insert: length + width of cabinet opening = more than 41″

Inserts have a lip to catch on the cabinet top – this is when the cabinet opening has no method to support the insert.
Insets (no lip) sit flush inside the cabinet opening & rest on a ledge built within the cabinet.

The make and model of cabinet are also needed to help ensure the proper insert is selected. We will reach out to you to verify your cabinet and machine details.

Insets and Inserts include a static cling ruler to attach to the underside.