Olfa Replacement Rotary Blade 28mm 2pk


Replacement blades for the smaller 28mm Olfa Rotary Cutter. Replacing your blade regularly will ensure clean cuts every time.


  • Tungsten steel blade
  • Expertly honed for sharpness
  • For detailed cuts and tight curves
  • For use with OLFA RTY-1/C

Accurate Cuts and Tight Curves

As the original specialty cutter solution for cutting fabric, leather, vinyl, paper, and more, OLFA has set the industry standard for sharp blades. The OLFA 28mm RB28 Tungsten Steel Rotary Blade is no exception.

This 28mm blade is perfect for precision cutting with small details or tight curves. The tungsten steel blade promises a premium edge that retains sharpness and accuracy for repeated use.

Long-lasting, exceptionally sharp, use this blade for creating detailed cuts for quilts, costumes, paper-piecing, and more.

Blades come packed in a plastic container for safe storage and disposal.