Janome Roller Foot, 7mm


The Janome Roller foot is ideal for sewing sticky or uneven layers down.


As its name suggests, this foot has rollers that roll against the fabric and act very much like the track on a bulldozer for sewing up and over heavy seams and uneven surfaces. Ideal for sewing heavy fabrics the rollers move freely between the foot and the feed dogs so that the foot rides easily over varying thicknesses. Also used to sew sticky leathers and vinyl.

For Janome Sewing Machine Models: High Shank and Low Shank 7mm and 5mm sewing machines. MC6600P, Skyline S3, MC11000SE, MC7700PQC, 3160, 4120, 5300, HD3000, MC6500, MC6300, DC2019, Sewist 780DC, Sewist 740DC, TM30