Janome 1/4 ” Ruler Foot QB-L, Low Shank


The 1/4″ ruler foot for Janome Low Shank machines is for quilting ruler work using rulers and templates.


The perfect foot for sewists who work with rulers! The 1/4” Ruler Foot was specifically designed to use for ruler work using Janome quilting rulers. The 1/4” cup height moves smoothly alongside the quilting ruler without allowing the ruler to slide over or under. With this foot, the needle drops a 1/4 inch away from the ruler to create the quilting line.

For Janome Sewing Machine Models: 2030DC-G, 2030DC-T, 2030QDC-B, 3160QDC-B, 3160QDC-G, 3160QDC-T, 3160QOV, 4120QDC 1, 4120QDC-B, 4120QDC-G, 4120QDC-T, 4300QDC, 49018, 49360, 5124, 5300 QDC-G, 5300 QDC-T, 6019QC, 6050, 6100, 6125QC, 6260QC, 6300P, 661, 712T, 8050, 8077, AMH M100, C30, C30W, Classmate S-750, DC1018, DC1050, DC2012, DC2013, DC2014, DC2019, DC3050, DC4030P, DC5100, HD-3000, HD-3000 Black Edition, HD-5000, HD5000BE, Hello Kitty 15822,Hello Kitty 18750, JNH2030DC, JW7630, JW8100, Jem Gold 660, LOFT 100, M7050, M7100, M7200, MOD-100, MOD-100Q, MOD-11, MOD-15, MOD-19, MOD-200, MOD-30, MOD-50, MS5027PR, Magnolia 7318, Magnolia 7330, Magnolia 7360, Memory Craft 3000, Memory Craft 4900QC, Memory Craft 5200, Memory Craft 6500P, MyStyle100, NH60, NPCF50, NQM 2016, Schoolmate S-3015, Schoolmate S-3023, Schoolmate S-7330, Sewist 500, Sewist 525S, Sewist 709, Sewist 721, Sewist 725S, Sewist 740DC, Sewist 780DC, TM16, TM30, TS100Q, TS200Q,