Bernina #31 Pintuck Foot 5-Groove

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The pintuck feet #30, #31, #32, #33 vary in the size and number of grooves, that create a range of pintuck sizes when used with a twin needle that corresponds with the size of the groove. 

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Pintuck Foot with 5 Grooves #31 is specially suited to sewing even pintucks on medium weight fabric.

For sewing pintucks, you’ll need a double needle with a width between the two needles corresponding to the width of the grooves on the foot (up to 3mm).

This way the finished tucks will be the matched in size to the grooves in the pintuck foot. When sewing several parallel pintucks, these grooves ensure an even distance between rows. The generous cutout in the center of Pintuck Foot with 5 Grooves #31 ensures a good view of the area to be sewn.

The pintuck foot is also ideal for sewing  braids, trim, and mini-piping, as well as for elastic gathering.