Bernina #30 Pintuck Foot 3-Groove


The pintuck feet #30, #31, #32, #33 vary in the size and number of grooves, that create a range of pintuck sizes when used with a twin needle that corresponds with the size of the groove. 

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Pintuck Foot with 3 Grooves #30 is a versatile presser foot for sewing attractive pintucks in combination with a 4 mm double needle. It is also ideal for sewing mini-piping, as well as for elastic gathering and the couching of braids and trim.

Pintuck Foot with 3 Grooves #30 is used when working with thick, heavy fabrics such as denim, suit-weight linen or home furnishings. The Pintuck Foot with 3 Grooves #30 let you stitch even, neat parallel tucks.

The practical cutout in the center of the foot affords a good view of the stitching area, letting you keep perfect track of everything while sewing.