Baby Lock Overlock Table


This optional table fits on your Baby Lock Triumph and will allow you to use functions of your serger with cover stitch attachments.


The unique design of this Overlock Table allows the sewist to use overlock stitches with Baby Lock Serger Attachments for a one-of-a-kind creative edge finish to any project, or those perfect seams every sewist desires. The Baby Lock Overlock Table is compatibile with the Triumph and Ovation Serger models.


Expands the creative potential of the Baby Lock Triumph or Ovation

  • Allows attachments designed for cover and chain stitches with overlock stitches
  • The large size of the table creates a flat sewing surface allowing for more control of fabric while stitching
  • Pairs with the Fabric Guide to improve sewing skill set and build confidence
  • Creates stunning unique edge finishes using the optional serger attachments
  • Baby Lock exclusive, no other similar, innovative table on the market
  • Compatible with the Standard Presser Foot and any of the Triumph and Ovation Overlock Presser Feet