Baby Lock Free-Motion Foot Combo Set


This set has every attachment you’ll need for free motion quilting. The adapter has a height adjustment to float the foot above the layers of your quilt for smooth quilting.


Baby Lock Free-Motion Quilting Foot Set comes with a main shank and four interchangeable soles to suit a variety of quilting needs. Use this set for quilting straight lines, quilting on uneven thickness, echo quilting effects and ruler work. Includes an open toe sole, closed toe sole, echo quilting sole, and ruler work foot.

For groups: B, D, G (Click here for chart)

Fits Babylock sewing machine models:
Altair, Aventura, Brilliant, Jubilant, Aerial, Chorus, Destiny II, Presto II, Soprano,  Solaris

Fits Brother sewing machine models:
NS80, BQ1350, BQ2500, NS1750D, Quattro 2 (NV6700D)

High shank machines will need to attach adapter before attaching this foot.