Allegra’s favorite Baby Lock accessories

Nothing serges better than a Baby Lock serger! The Baby Lock segers are still made in Baby Lock factories in Japan and produce beautiful finishes and cover stitches.

But a serger can do more than just finish an edge! In this special demo, Allegra will show you her favorite accessories for the Baby Lock serger. You’ll leave knowing how easy it is to install zippers, hem edges, and make beltloops with just a few steps.

Whether you already own a Baby Lock serger, or you’re a total newbie to sergers and just want to see what they can do, this demo is for you.

Attendees of the demo will get special pricing on the Baby Lock Accolade combination serger. The same serger Allegra uses for all her garment making.
If you already own a Baby Lock serger, don’t worry, there will also be deals on all the Baby Lock accessories Allegra will be demonstrating.

Come and see it all on Tuesday, June 11th at 1PM or Saturday, June 15th at 10AM.

Baby Lock Accolade Serger and Cover Stitch