What type of Sewist are you?

We carry a wide variety of machines in our store, supplied by four of the top of the line companies: Bernina, Baby Lock, Juki, and Janome. An interesting question I have been thinking about lately: what makes someone a Bernina sewist? What about someone who tends to lean toward Baby Lock? What about Juki? What about Janome?

Bernina is easy. Bernina has an extremely loyal customer base who love the unique feel and high stitch quality that Swiss engineering provides. They love unique Bernina features, such as their front-loading bobbin design and stitch regulator for free motion quilting. Many Bernina loyalists would not dare sew on any other brand of machine, and we have learned why, but Bernina is not for everybody.

Baby Lock is also pretty obvious to me. A lot of Baby Lock sewists are embroidery enthusiasts in the market for a high-end embroidery machine. Baby Lock also makes fantastic sergers, equipped with revolutionary technology such as automatic thread tension and automatic air threading. While Baby Lock also make a solid entry level home sewing machine, embroidery and serging are what our customers love the most.

Juki is primarily an industrial sewing machine company that has recently introduced household machines into the US. They are not widely known, but we like them and they represent very good value and are worth considering. A Juki sewist would be someone in the market for a semi-industrial straight-stitch only machine, or a quality automatic air-threading serger for under $1,000.

What about Janome? A Janome-type sewist is a little more difficult to define. Janome is a Japanese company with a long and rich history, but they tend to fly under the radar of a lot of sewists. It might be that for many years their machines were branded “New Home” in the U.S. market, so the name Janome is not as recognizable. Even today you will find Janome-built machines branded under the guise of Necchi, Elna, and Juki nameplates.

Janome manufacturers excellent home sewing machines in their own factories, whether you are looking for something entry level, or a top of the line super-machine. A lot of people don’t remember that Janome made the very first embroidery machine on the market, and they continue to make quality, easy to use embroidery machine today. Simply put, Janome makes outstanding, trouble-free sewing and embroidery machines. Their electronics, including circuit boards, display panels, etc. are the most reliable. So what type of person is a Janome sewist? I’d say it is somebody who appreciates the reliability and ease of use that Janome’s Japanese engineering provides.

In the end, every sewist is unique in their own way. No matter what type of sewist you are, it is important that you have a dealer that fits you to the machine you need, rather than push you towards a machine they want to sell. Here at The Sewing Machine Shop, we are confident that we carry enough variety of quality, budget-friendly machines that is required to ensure that you can own the right machine for your sewing needs.
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