Automatic Air Threading on Sergers — a must-have feature to consider when looking to purchase a new

The Power of Air

Many people dread using their serger– not because they don’t love using the machine, but because the act of threading it up can be incredibly frustrating. Older sergers usually have 20-30 threading points that need to be threaded in a specific order, and this tedious process must be repeated every time a thread breaks or a different color is required. Point being: it is too darn complicated.

For years, you would have had to stomach the pain of threading that precedes the joy of actually sewing. Not anymore. New technology has made a self-threading overlock possible. How? With the power of air.

With air threading, instead of threading points that properly guide the thread to the serger’s loopers and needle, threading ports are connected to the end of the loopers by two or three tubes.  These tubes connect when the threading system is engaged. Then, a jet of air is created when the pump lever is pressed and the threads are taken through the tubes with the air flow.

Jet Air Threading™ on Baby Lock Sergers
Unlike the old sergers, these revolutionary tubes used to carry the thread cannot be blocked under normal sewing conditions. As the machine is stitching, the threads are travelling through the same threading tubes. This prevents a build-up of lint and fluff, which prevents thread entanglement and helps ensure that your machine stays relatively clean.

That’s it! No longer do you need to worry about guides and tangled threads. Change any thread without re-threading the rest, thread the entire machine in under one minute, and thread in any order!

Below are two of the many air-threading sergers that we carry in our store. If interested, call us for more information or stop by the shop for a demonstration!
Convenient Upper and Lower Looper Air Threading. The MO-1000 easily threads with a strong whoosh of air sent from the electric motor. This amazing function dramatically alters upper and lower looper threading.
Combine chain and overlock stitches to form stitches with up to eight threads. ExtraordinAir® threading takes your thread through all three loopers at once, instantly, with a gust of air. Plus, Accolade’s presser foot features a 6mm height that makes serging on thicker fabrics a breeze!
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