Snap Bag with Lynne Douglas

This is a fun class where by the end of the three hours you can make 3  to 4 bags. We all start making the same size bag. You will learn how to reduce or enlarge the size. Everyone comes to class with enough fabric cut for the first bag and we go from there. These bags are addicting. They make wonderful presents. I use mine for cosmetics, Scissors change, etc. The color combinations are also  a lot of fun to choose. The use of cork as well as a variety of patterns make the bags more interesting.

Supplies Needed:

  • Sewing machine in good working order
  • Needles- 80 microtex or topstitch. If using any metallic thread, size 90 topstitch
  • Pair 2 fabrics that work well together, Bring several pairs of fabric so you can do multiple bags
  • Some small scraps at least 7×7″ and 6×6″ for prairie points
  • Thread to match fabric,I like Auriful
  • Usual sewing supplies: scissors, pins, rotary cutter,mat ruler etc.
  • Leftover batting

Cut before class so we can start sew immediately . We can change the dimensions to make other sizes after the first bag.

  • Exterior fabric 9×13″ – Interior fabric 9 x 17 “
  • Batting 9 x 13 “
  • Fusible Interfacing 9 x 3″ Cut 2
  • Accent Square #1 3×3″ Cut 2
  • Accent Square #2 3.5 x 3.5″ Cut 2

If you have hardy JUNK scissors that can cut metal. I will bring in several.

There will be a $5 supply fee which will include the metal rulers, duct tape and extra interfacing and batting.

Date: Sat, 5/11 

Time: 1-4 PM

Fee: $50