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Buttonhole Compensation Plate Also available in two sizes, the Buttonhole Compensation Plate is recommended when sewing buttonholes in bulky fabrics, such as fleece and coating. This accessory is also good for making buttonholes in uneven layers, such as along the front openings of winter coats. It can only be used with Automatic Buttonhole Foot #3A. Mark buttonhole positions on the fabric. Slide the fabric between the plates, aligning the starting end of the buttonhole with the three notches in the upper plate. Insert Automatic Buttonhole Foot #3A into the accessory, hooking the back of the foot into the notches at the back of the attachment, and then rotating the front end of the foot into place. Attach the foot ? with the attached plates ? to the machine.?Note:?If the fabric isn?t thick enough for you to place the fabric firmly between the plates, the Buttonhole Leveler is a better choice for the application.