Make your own Bowl and Basket out of Rope!


Need to create a last-minute gift in a flash? Let Jackie show you how to create simple gifts
using common household clotheslines readily available in your local hardware store. A bonus if
you have leftover quilting cotton strips! You can create placemats, coasters, trivets, bowls, or

You need a sewing machine with zig zag capability and in good condition. An open toe presser
foot is recommended or a regular presser foot for general purpose sewing can also work.
An extension table for your machine is extremely helpful.

Supplies needed:

  • For placemats, coasters, trivets or small to medium size bowls
    • ACE Brand Cotton Clothesline for indoor and outdoor use, max wt. 12lbs, 7/32 in x 50 ft or 100 ft
    • Get two 50 ft skeins or one 100 ft skeins depending on your local store
      availability; get additional skeins if you like to create more items during class
  • For a bigger fruit bowl or a basket
    • ACE Brand Sash Cord, synthetic core for increased strength and reduced stretch, max wt. 28lbs, ¼ in x 100 ft
    •  A large size basket with a 12-inch base will request 2 skeins
  • Leftover or cut quilting strips if you like to wrap a portion or the entire project.
  •  50wt. polyester threads for matching top and bobbin. Projects will consume a lot of
    threads, please bring extra threads and empty bobbins
  • Jeans or Top Stitch size 14 needles
  • A small handful of pins
  • A couple of small binder clips

Please contact Jackie at if you have questions prior to class.