Intro to Ruler Work

Intro to Ruler Work; 

Date: Saturdays, sessions dates as follows: 6/15, 8/10, 10/12, 12/14 

Time: 1 – 4PM 

Fee: $65 per session 

Find out all you need to know to get started with ruler work on your machine. Ruler work uses a thick free-motion foot that runs along the edge of a ruler or template to create accurate,repeatable, and beautiful quilting designs. 

This class is a basic introductory to free-motion quilting. We will go over how to get started, how to use a straight ruler to make a wide variety of designs, and also a demonstration on using other types of rulers. 

Already took the intro class and want more? Join our Ruler Work Club! 

Required Supplies for Class:

  • Ruler work foot that fits your machine (low vs shank ruler will depend on your machine models) 
  • A sewing machine capable of free motion in good working order* 
  • 90/14  Top Stitch Needle ( in machine) 
  • Two muslin quilt sandwiches- 14” x 14” ( See preparation notes below ) 
  • Fabric Pen/ Pencil 
  • Thread and bobbins: 
    • Using a light shade, no black thread
    • Top thread: 40WT, 2-ply poly (isacord or Omni brand) 
    • Bobbin thread: 40WT or 50WT 2-ply cotton (i.e. Auriful) Wind before class
    • Both top and bobbin threads in similar shade
  • Extension table ( if you have one) 
  • Straight ruler (that fits with your foot)

Optional Supplies for Class:

  • Sew Steady Spacing Gauge
  • Sew steady Slider
  • Amanda Murphy Rulerwork Idea Book

Preparation for your quilt sandwiches 

  1. Baste the 2 Sandwiches and leave appropriate ½” from the raw edges
  2. Mark two 6” squares on one square. For the Remaining space on the sandwich. Mark 2 parallel klines 3 ½ “ apart 
  3. Markers: for practice purpose, you can use sharp fine point or chalk you are able to see. We will discuss marking tools during class.

Please purchase supplies at least two weeks ahead of time to ensure you have everything you need. We are happy to take supply orders over the phone and set them aside for you. 

*Please ensure your machine is in good, working order for free motion prior to class. We do not have the capacity to troubleshoot tension, thread breakage or other issues during the timeframe of the class. Sewing Machine Shop staff are happy to help you get your machine into tip-top prior to class. If you need a tune up or a look over, please bring the machine into the shop a few weeks in advance of the class date.