Dan’s Top 7 Reasons for Turning a Repair into a Brand New Sewing Machine

1. High quality sewing machines start at only $200 with a NEW warranty and instruction.

2. Innovative technologies that are used every time you sit down to sew such as:
  • automatic up/down needle stop
  • bright LED lighting, automatic needle threader
  • automatic top and bobbin thread trimming
  • fully automatic buttonholes
  • larger throat area than older machines
3. Today’s modern sewing machine is easier to use than older machines.

4. Materials used in today’s quality sewing machines are lighter weight making them easier to carry, set up and store away when not in use.

5. New quality machines are quieter and smoother than older machines making the overall sewing experience more pleasant.

6. Well designed accessories that are readily available to give you professional results.

7. Quality sewing machines are able sew both heavier and finer fabrics better than older machines.
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