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Happy NEW customer!

Thank you so much for your email with all these wonderful websites that you have included in your email. I have been getting to know my machine and we are on a path to become very good friends.  I have sewn, I have embroidered, and I have repaired the white pillow case (I brought in to show you). It came out perfect, so perfect that today when I was watching my grandchildren, my son, handed me another repair job. I love being able to have so may new stitches to play with. It is a beautiful machine. Thank you so much for the time you took with me last Saturday and for helping me choosing the right machine for me.  

Michelle S.


Just wanted to say a big thank you for the counsel and the Pfaff we bought today. Looking at the instruction manual I note that it has everythng I could want, from the maximum 6 mm width to decorative stitching. I'm reading before I set it up (I'm one of those odd folks who do that; if I had been with Moses he would have asked for directions!). We appreciate the kindness and time you and your employees have always offered; this is not usual.

Looking forward to hours of great stitching - and am still blown away by Dan's assessment (accurate) of me. Should bring in a photo of my stove; it confirms it.

Susan S. (in Richmond/El Sobrante)

Thank you so very much, Dan!  

I have to say, you and Linda have been amazing professionals.  I feel so very fortunate that I found your business through  positive YELP reviews.  It so very refreshing to work with a business that really values communication and customer service.

Joan L.


Hi, Dan

Many, many thanks for your fantastic service in getting me my Bernina Sewing feet.  I received them the day after I had ordered them!

I really appreciated all your kind assistance regarding the selection of these feet and helpful advice.  I will definitely be recommending your store to fellow quilters and sewers.

Once again, a very big and sincere thank you!

Carolyn W.

Worth the trip from Castro Valley

Hi Dan,

Thank  you for your quick response. 

My husband and I  stopped by and Linda helped me during your meeting.  So I know you were busy. 

I sure appreciate all the good service your people have given me.  It is turning out to be worth it to come from Castro Valley to your shop!


First Purchase


Five years ago I made my first purchase at "The Sewing Machine Shop." Thank you for all your great service and help.  I always recommend your shop.

Again, thank you.


Great doing business

Dear Dan,

It is always nice doing business with special people, and you and your staff have always made me feel that I am going to the "best".
I just wanted to send a note and thank you for the new "high tech" gift card with the $10 on it, and especially for the "valued customer"
discount which I see on my bill for the Pfaff repair.  By the way it works great!
Thank you very much Dan, I do truly appreciate that. Hopefully I will live long enough to be able to use your services many more years.

Thanks Again
Sincerely, Pearl M

Pearl M

Dear Sheila and Two Brothers,

I wanted to thank you all for the foot pedal for the Bernina Nova that you unearthed from the "boneyard" and sold to me.  I've been using it lately and it works perfectly, of course.  You will see me again in your shop.

Thanks again and best wishes for the holidays.

Rosemary M
San Anselmo

Thanks Dan, Linda, and staff...

for the wonderful Bernina class I attended on Friday.  I loved spending time trying out the Bernina on an actual project.  My old Pfaff seems rather lackluster now after the computerized machine I used on Friday.  Timing is not good right now for a new machine but I was impressed with what the Bernina can do.  My husband was surprised that I made a beautiful wall hanging in a matter of hours.  Linda, that was a great project to showcase the Bernina and how it makes quilting easier.  Thanks to Dan and his wife for a delicious lunch.  It really was an informative, fun day.

Eileen O.

Bringing back the joy!

Dear Marty,

You brought joy back to my sewing now that my 1970's Husqvarna is "new" again.  I didn't think that you were going to be successful in reviving the "almost dead."  You are truly talented and an expert.  great shop, too!

Sincere thanks,

Roberta Y.

Thanks again!  You are the best!!!


I can't thank you enough for the time you spent with Britney today.  She was so overwhelmed and overcome with emotion when we left.  She kept saying "I think Linda would have stayed all night to make me feel comfortable".  Matt couldn't believe how friendly you were and said, "They should have more stores like this."  I'm so thankful that you spent the time with me this week to get it to the point where it wouldn't be frustrating for her and we wouldn't be saying...well when you do this it will do that....we were actually able to show her exactly what it can do!!! 

Britney is going to email you so she can get on the list for classes. I think she is going to come to my house next weekend and I'll teach her how to applique.  It's just so neat to see someone young so excited about sewing and embroidery.  And she just loved the scarf idea......

Thanks again!  You are the best!!!


We love compliments

"Wanted to say that I posted positive reviews on 'yelp' and ''.  Couldn't post to '' because my full name was posted. The little "We love compliments" card is a wonderful idea - sure makes it easy for customers to show their appreciation where it matters - online!  Loved my 8/6/11 class and how great my Juki Pearl serger now works. I'll be back for more classes!"

Meg G

A Happy Camper

I wanted to let you know that the 830 is behaving superbly and we're fast becoming friends.  The tension  and other issues I was having have not occurred since you took your time troubleshooting (and resolving) the problem.  I have not had an opportunity to sew with twin needles, but I believe that will go flawlessly, as well.

I've quilted one quilt, and sewn two quilt tops.  After the tops, then it's a round of embroidery that I've got obligations to do, then quilting the two tops.

WHEN are there plans for another 830 owners workshop?  Looking forward to sharing, seeing, telling....

The only thing I more oil.  I'll stop by when I'm next in the neighborhood.


Mary B

Time and Patience

Dear Dan,

I want to thank you for your time and patience for me and my Juki. I appreciate it greatly. I have completed all my Christmas quilts and am excited to get my UFO's quilted now.

Thanks again,

Cathy C

"...there are still decent people left in the world."

Wow! I took my 30 year old family heirloom serger down because I just couldn't get the tension right and thought something was wrong. Janet and Dan helped me and while they could have said something along the lines of "Yes, we'll service it for $100" - they didn't. They were honest and said for the type of machine I had, that was the best tension I was going to get. Dan adjusted it and between him and Janet, they spent over 30 minutes with me. When I asked how much I owed them, they said NOTHING. Amazing. It's nice to know that there are still decent people left in the world. Thanks Janet & Dan!!

Rebecca P


I contacted you last summer (2014) in regards to a News article posted online in the Contra Costa Times.
I mentioned that my husband is an E3 in the Navy and we would love a sewing machine, we just didn't have the funds for it. 

I know that a long time has passed already, but I wanted to let you know that I contacted Ms. Bretzinger, and she quickly assisted me. She sent me a brother sewing machine in the mail, with a lot of fabric, and some other sewing items that are helpful to beginners. I love it so much!!! Sewing is now one of my passions.  We want to thank you and the sewing machine shop for the generous donations and contributions. 

We really appreciate it!

Sabrina and LJ J.