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How did Baby Lock get its name?
We all know Baby Lock as the maker of top-of-the-line sergers and embroidery machines. But the name itself– Baby Lock– such a strange name for sewing machine company, isn’t it? We’ve been asked countless times by our customers: “why is it called Baby Lock?” Well, there is a fantastic piece of lore behind the name.

Back in the 1950’s, a group of engineers from a Japanese company came up with a revolutionary idea: to redesign the giant, heavy industrial overlock sewing machine and make it into a smaller, lighter machine that people could easily use at home. The engineers presented their idea to the company they worked for, and even built a prototype out of wood.

Their bosses rejected the idea and refused to manufacture their innovative concept. However, the engineers were so convinced of their idea that they quit their jobs and started their own new company to design and manufacture the machine of their dreams.
In 1964 they manufactured their first baby-sized overlock sewing machine meant for home use — thus the name Baby Lock.

This was the birth of the Baby Lock brand, the first home overlock machine on the market.
But the innovation didn’t stop there. In the decades that followed Baby Lock engineers proceeded to invent other revolutionary features, such as the unique jet-air thread system and the automatic thread delivery system.
Today, there is a generation of Baby Lock home sergers that don’t require any tension adjustment and are able to be threaded effortlessly. Users of these machines can also forget all the trouble connected with setting the “perfect” tension and the confusion about which tension dial should be turned, something that was unimaginable at the genesis of the company.

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